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We Are Specialists In Dialectical Behavioural Therapy

We have created a unique program to help our clients. This pretty simple method has helped many clients grow and move their lives forward. This approach is delivered over 12 weeks during 1-2-1 sessions. It reprograms the surface thoughts and underlying emotions to help clients smash through the glass ceiling of their mental health and BPD.

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The most charismatic counsellor I have met in my life. Not only he has all the knowledge and expertise that is needed but he is also able to see things from the patient's perspective and reach conclusions in a holistic way. He has a genuine interest for his clients and he is one of the most open-minded people I know. 110% Recommended.

PetraFrom Trustpilot

Excellent and honest advice from someone who has a wealth of experience in many aspects of life.

PhilFrom Trustpilot

When I went to DBT Therapy London I really didn’t believe I could give up my addiction and become the person I am today. But after we started to work together he made me feel confident and not only teach me about addiction but support me in dealing with the underlying emotions. I have never been so happy and fulfilled.

MattFrom Trustpilot

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